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Innovative Treatments - dermalogica caribbean

At Dermalogica, we put skin therapists first – which has led us to develop the most effective, and unique, treatment concepts in the industry.

the best treatments in the business

Let’s face it – as skin therapists ourselves, we know that your business is based on getting real skin results, every time! That’s why we developed the Dermalogica Skin Treatment, 100% customized to each individual’s skin health needs. It’s one results-driven treatment… that’s different every time!

Learn this amazing treatment step-by-step in our exclusive Dermalogica Skin Treatment class. Hands-on instruction from a highly-trained Dermalogica educator pairs with helpful tools including the Dermalogica Consultation Card and Face Mapping® skin analysis to create a treatment that not only feels amazing, but delivers incredible results.

More and more skin care professionals tell us every day that they use Dermalogica because it delivers results in the treatment room. And, those results extend beyond their treatment room trolley, as more skin careprofessionals use Dermalogica on their own skin to experience the same amazing results their clients rave about.

the best treatments in the business - dermalogica caribbean

core concepts

Shape your unique brand image for a client experience that’s as unique as your business! Inspired by our educational roots, we’ve created interactive, hands-on experiences that hook new clients and deliver skin health results for clients that keep coming back for more.

face mapping® skin analysis

Every skin has a story – tell it with Face Mapping! Developed by The International Dermal Institute for Dermalogica, Face Mapping® skin analysis is proven to boost retail sales by as much as 40%, and is one of the reasons why Dermalogica accounts are the most successful in the business!

Combining your professional knowledge of the skin with sight and touch, Face Mapping divides your client’s skin into 14 unique zones, each with their own set of concerns. This one-on-one time provides a perfect opportunity to create a dialogue with your client, talking them through the professional Face Mapping process and asking them what their concerns are. From congestion to dryness to hyperpigmentation, Face Mapping allows you to explain in clear terms what you’re seeing on your clients skin, and why. By doing this, you’re positioning yourself as a skin care expert, and playing a vital role in helping them achieve healthy skin every day.

As one of the most powerful retailing and client retention tools you can perform in your business, everyone on staff should be Face Mapping! Enroll in our amazing Face Mapping workshop to learn all about this ancient practice that means modern day results – and amazing revenue!

skin bar®

What is Skin Bar? It’s the ultimate hot spot for expert and client interaction, where Dermalogica product meets skin, and skin health is redefined!

Why do you need a Skin Bar in your business? It’s the perfect place to perform Face Mapping® skin analysis. It also drives home the importance of a product prescription that can only come from you, a Dermalogica skin care professional. Invite your clients to take a seat at Skin Bar, and you can easily start a dialogue about their skin care needs while helping them experience Dermalogica in a fun setting.

It’s a proven fact: When clients try – they buy! At Skin Bar, clients can play with their prescribed products, ask application questions, and even receive professional tips from you to help maximize results. This increases the likelihood that your client will purchase the products prescribed precisely for their skin condition. And that means they’ll experience real results – and be back to buy more.

Skin Bar takes up very little space, and is perfect for skin treatment centers, salons and spas who want to grow their client base and retail sales! Learn the secrets to running a successful Skin Bar at our Skin Bar workshop today.

microZone® treatments

How many times have your clients called with skin care emergencies? Now, you can offer them the ultimate solution! Meet MicroZone treatments, the 20-minute, targeted and effective skin treatment that targets pressing skin issues like breakouts, dullness, and tired eyes in a flash for immediate results.

MicroZone treatments are not intended to replace your full Dermalogica treatments – rather, they help solve skin concerns in-between treatments. They’re also ideal for the time-compressed clients who need a lunchtime skin fix, budget-minded clients, and for new clients, male clients, and teen clients who are new to the Dermalogica experience.

Because MicroZone treatments take just 20 minutes, andnaturally progress towards the prescription of retail products to maintain results at home, they’re a fast and effective way to grow your treatment and retail business.

The best thing about MicroZone treatments – you can set them up anywhere! While 60 minute treatments are reserved for the treatment room, MicroZone treatments can be performed right out on the retail floor! You can even set up a MicroZone treatment station at an open hair station to further maximize your business space.

From Breakout clearing to Flash Exfoliation and Men’s Skin Fitness, there’s a MicroZone for every skin – and every client! Learn how to perform MicroZone treatments, and get tips for setting them up in your business, at our interactive MicroZone workshop.

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