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speed mapping skin analysis

Welcome to Speed Mapping – Dermalogica's unique tool that will put you on the road towards your healthiest skin ever! In just a few quick steps, we will identify your top concern, then provide a personalized product prescription.

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What is your gender?

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Besides having facial hair, there are structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s.

What is your age?


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Up to 99 percent of the signs of aging we see on skin are from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation

How often does your skin breakout?

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The frequency and severity of acne and breakouts in adults can be dramatically influenced by stress levels, diet, and the use of acnegenic cosmetics.

How would you best describe your skin dryness?

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Dryness refers to a lack of oil in the skin, where symptoms include flakiness, potential sensitivity and a dull appearance. Dehydration reveals a lack of water in skin and most often appears in the form of tightness and fine lines.

Where do you experience skin oiliness?

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Those with oily skin traditionally experience the most oiliness in the T-zone because more sebaceous glands reside in these areas.

Do you experience skin dryness?

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While your main concerns may be redness and sensitivity, these conditions are often accompanied by dryness.

Do you suffer more with shaving irritation, or skin oiliness?

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Shaving-related irritation can exhibit a number of symptoms, including redness, ingrown hairs and inflammation.

Do you suffer from sensitivity on your forehead and cheeks?

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Exfoliation is critical to minimizing the signs of skin aging. However, excessive exfoliation can lead to inflammation, a known precursor to skin aging.

Do you suffer from sensitivity on your forehead and cheeks?

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Exfoliation helps remove dulling skin cells and preps skin for brightening treatments. However, it’s important to not over-exfoliate, as this can cause inflammation, which is a precursor to sensitivity and skin aging.

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