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how fit is your skin?

Whether you run, you cheer, or are never without your tennis racket, your favorite activities keep your body healthy and in shape. So, could your workout also benefit your skin?

Doctors and professionals are noticing a direct correlation between exercise and skin health, especially on breakout-prone skin.

Working out can provide noticeable skin clearing benefits including increased circulation and the removal of damaging toxins, while lowering stress to keep your adrenal glands in check. (Adrenal glands are responsible for excreting hormones that control stress and growth.)

When the adrenal glands are in check, the testosterone-related hormones (a normal factor of acne development) are normalized.

It’s never to soon to concern yourself with healthy aging skin. In addition to wearing your SPF, keep up a good exercise routine to help stimulate the production of collagen: a tissue in skin that helps keep skin firm, tone and winkle-free.

Give skin the best chance for a healthy future! Eat right, exercise and choose Clear Start™ for your daily skin care routine.

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