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Stop summer skin burn out!

“I don’t need a moisturizer in the summer.”

While you may not need heavier salves and creams, skin is still feeling the ravages of dry winter and spring weather. Moisturize daily to keep skin hydrated, protected and smooth. Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 delivers light hydration with a wash of color for a fresh, light summer look without heaviness.

“My skin gets so oily in summer – I’ll just dry it out with a tan.”

Tanning to clear oily skin or even breakouts may intensify your chances of long-term scarring and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). You could also trigger breakouts: there’s an increase in skin cells when skin is exposed to UV light, and this further clogs follicle openings and can lead to the development of breakout bacteria.

To control summer slick and shine, try changing your moisturizer: your Dermalogica professional skin therapist can prescribe Oil Control Lotion to hydrate and maintain an all-day matte finish.

I can’t wear SPF on my face – it (fill in the blanks).”

While some sunscreens sting and burn, feel greasy, or are comedogenic (clog pores), Dermalogica’s Daylight Defense system is a range of highly sophisticated formulas that feel more like moisturizers. These super-functional products are customized for oily skin, dry skin… there’s even a chemical-free sunscreen for sensitive skin!

“What can I do if the damage has been done?”

Treat exposed skin immediately with cooling gels and balms, but be sure to reach for one that also helps repair skin. After Sun Repair is infused with “super botanicals” Clove Oil, Szechwan Pepper, Licorice and Mugwort, all known to help repair DNA damage, reduce inflammation and take the sting off sunburned skin.

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