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what toll does travel take on my skin?

Zero humidity, recycled air, chemicals galore and fluctuating temperatures. You’re strapped to your seat with your knees somewhere near your ears.  Sound like in-flight fun to you?  Think about what it’s doing to skin: the unnatural pressurized environment of a plane sucks moisture out of skin, leaving you dehydrated with cracked lips and hands that are super dry.  The lack of moving space also means fluid retention in the ankles, stiff joints and puffy eyes and hands.

In-flight skin care can make your journey much more enjoyable.  What do Dermalogica jet-setters always have in their carry-ons?  Convenient travel-sizes of their skin care favorites!

UltraCalming Cleanser: tiny bathrooms and water need not apply: stay in your seat with this gel/cream cleanser that requires only a tissue for removal (and a little elbow room).

Dermalogica Toner: Choose your favorite mini-size Dermalogica Toner and stuff it in your purse or briefcase.  Spritz over skin for a little in-flight oasis that hydrates, refreshes and revives.  (Careful not to mist your neighbor…)

Skin Hydrating Booster: This pint-sized product contains Hyaluronic Acid to help smooth fine lines and quench dry spots.  Use around the eyes to brighten up before landing.

Dermalogica Moisturizer: Your prescribed moisturizer will keep skin comfortable, but Barrier Repair will really help shield against the pangs of the plane’s environment.

Climate Control Lip Treatment: The therapeutic balm practically created for temperature extremes experienced by travelers: swipe over the nostrils, lips, cheekbones, cuticles – any place where skin is thinner or more prone to dehydration.

MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment: It’s gloves in a tube! Apply before, during and after your flight for smooth, hydrated hands, compliments of Pro-Vitamin B5 and antioxidant vitamins C and E.

Don’t forget a little water goes along way.  Save the alcohol for your vacation destination, and opt instead for water in-flight.

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