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why is my skin greasier when it’s warm?

If you feel like you blot, wipe, and try to wash away greasiness more during warm days and hot months, don’t blame your skin care routine: blame sweat!

Studies show sweat contributes to the appearance of increased oiliness, or “greasiness,” during warm days and seasons. This really applies to those of you who have above average oil production in skin.

If you’ve been sweating or have been in a high humidity environment that triggers sweating, the skin will visually look oilier – and greasier. Even sweating triggered by emotional stress or nerves can contribute to an oilier appearance!

Now you know: it’s the emulsification (mixing) of sweat and oil that’s really causing your skin to look greasy. Stress less about skin during warmer days with your daily Clear Start™ routine, designed to help control oil production at the source, and leave your blotting hands free for warm weather activities!

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